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Innovator Energy Develops Economically Viable Solutions to Paramount Global Energy Challenges 

Innovator Energy’s groundbreaking approach results in intrinsically new and effective solutions to global energy challenges. We have developed transformative solutions in energy conversion and CO2 mitigation. These include the first economically viable post-combustion CO2 capture systems and multiple low cost CO2 conversion processes.

Innovator Energy has Groundbreaking Solutions to Global Energy Challenges

CO2 Capture

Our proprietary CO2 capture technologies employ an issued utility patented, unprecedented mechanism to separate CO2 from power plant flue gas. The process introduced in our ACS peer-reviewed paper requires 75% less energy than existing CO2 capture processes. Our confidential CO2 capture technology, CO2 Evolution™, is the first entirely powered by discarded, abundant low temperature waste heat with a temperature as low as 28 degrees celsius and has 90% lower operating cost than existing CO2 capture processes.


CO2 Conversion

Our proprietary CO2 conversion technologies transform captured CO2 into value added products. Our processes use unique reaction chemistries and earth abundant, nontoxic nano-catalysts - facilitating low cost, environmentally beneficial conversion of CO2 into commodity chemicals, including acetic acid and synthesis gas.


Innovator Energy is composed of diverse expertise, backgrounds, and ages, fostering inherently new and effective solutions to the greatest challenges facing the global energy landscape.



Innovator Energy LLC has demonstrated viability of its breakthrough CO2  capture and CO2  conversion technologies. We are currently constructing a 200+ kg prototype. Our vision is for widespread implementation of economically viable CO2 capture and conversion on all CO2  emitting processes, including power generation, metal refining, biogas purification, cement production and waste-water treatment.


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Innovator Energy is a Carbon XPRIZE Semifinalist

Innovator Energy is a semifinalist in the ongoing $20 million Carbon XPRIZE and one of only six teams to be a semifinalist in both the competition tracks. We are constructing a 200 kg of CO2 a day prototype as a part of Round 2.

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